Alpaca Association of Western Oregon

Alpaca Association of Western Oregon

Building the North American Alpaca Industry on All Levels

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suri alpaca criaAlpacas: a Wonderful, Fulfilling, &
Peaceful Way of Life & Business!

AAWO is a group of western Oregon alpaca farms who value honesty, integrity and,above all, the well-being of our alpaca herds. Vist our members' websites to schedule a farm visit. We will welcome you, let you put your hands on these magical and soft animals, and tell you about alpaca farming.

Looking for alpaca clothing, socks, afghans, or other alpaca items? Several of our members have farm stores offering a wide range of hand-crafted, unique items that can't be found in malls or department stores.

If you are an alpaca farmer in the Northwest, consider joining this growing community of committed, energetic breeders. AAWO offers several opportunities throughout the year for education, community participation and networking, as well as monthly meetings. Please review our Mission Statement on the About AAWO page.

As shepherds and breeders of both huacayas and suri alpacas, our goal is to build the North American alpaca industry on all levels. We have participated in the Oregon State Fair, introducing visitors to the world of alpacas through educational displays and spinning and shearing demonstrations. We enjoy participating in The Black Sheep Gathering each June. We also hold an annual Spin-Off Event following Spring shearings.

Alpacas at the Gathering ~ June 29-July1, 2018
Linn County Fairgrounds, Albany, OR
Now accepting Applications
for BSG Alpaca Pens &
Farm Display Booths
in the animal barn.
Download the
PDF form here

Note: There is not an
AAWO Spin-Off this year

We invite you to come join us on this adventure!

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